The Hidden Treasure of Tunnel 13

Petros  Tunnel 13  head stock

We here at World’s Finest Guitars. Have  a great one for you today Plus this guitar has a wonderful back story . Please take the time to check this one out


Here’s The Story

Southern Pacific Railroad’s Siskiyou Summit Tunnel #13 was built in the 1880’s using virgin Redwood timbers harvested in Southwestern Oregon. These timbers witnessed the October 11, 1923 hold up of the SP Train 13 Gold Special, pulling 13 cars, by the DeAutremont brothers. Four men were killed in the robbery attempt.
When these magnificent Redwood timbers were salvaged from this historic tunnel after a fire in 2004, Petros Guitars managed to acquire some of the nicer sections.

When these diamonds in the rough were opened up, it was discovered to be exceptional, master-grade tone wood, air dried in this tunnel for more than 120 years. Paired with light weight, figured Claro Walnut from Oregon and a light weight Butternut neck from Wisconsin, this guitar is light as a feather (3 pounds, 14 ounces) with the resonance of a 120 year old guitar.
After a century of silence, Petros Tunnel 13 Redwood™ guitars are giving voice to the remarkable Redwood of Tunnel 13.

Check out this video it tells the story in picture & song


  Hey and this baby is only $15,000.00 !

In addition to all the Petros Standard Features,
The Tunnel 13 Gold Standard includes:
Authentic Tunnel 13 Redwood® top
The Tunnel 13 rosette and 1880 inlay
Figured Claro Walnut back and sides
Butternut neck
Ebony Fingerboard and bridge
Black Pearl FB markers
Pear wood binding and buttons
Carved buttons
Carved truss rod cover
Bridge wing inlays
Inlaid back strip
Bound Finger Board
Gold frets
Karura case

For more on this fantastic guitars life story click this web site links

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Out With the Old and In With the New ?

Let’s Take a look at a rare oldie, that we just happen to have in our personal collection and a re-working of that guitar into an updated marvel.

Were talking about the Gibson Trini Lopez 1966 standard, and the new version, Gibson DG-335 designed for Foo Fighters guitarist Dave Grohl.

Dave was a fan of the Trini Lopez and owned and used a couple of them for touring and studio work.

Gibson saw this as a great opportunity to breath new life into an older signature model

And re-invent it with the name recognition of one of today’s premiere guitarists from the band Foo Fighters.

The original Trini Lopez model was a strikingly similar  take on Gibson’s ES-335 semi-hollow body guitar, and today’s DG-335 is a further fine-tuning of the legendary ES-335

True to Grohl’s specifications, the DG-335 has the classic Burstbuckersand  rare Pelham Blue finish. ES-335 firebird style  headstock with six-on-a-side tuners set into an ES-335, but actually closer to the original Trini Lopez style semi-hollow body. Available in either Pelham Blue or Ebony, the guitar has diamond f-holes, and the inlays on the rosewood fretboard are acrylic split diamond, a unique feature that remains from the original Trini Lopez. At Grohl’s request, the DG-335 is powered by a Burstbucker 1 in the neck and Burstbucker 2 in the bridge. Within the original Patent Applied For humbucking spec, these pickups are known for their clean and articulate distortion and singing vintage tone.

So we hope you enjoy these older and newer beauties from the Gibson line. Although WFGs normally presents hand made works of art, I just had to Show you one of the Gibson’s we have in our own collection. In our next posts, you can look forward to some truly marvelous hand crafted acoustics and electrics. See you then.

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